Finding a title to a blog can be on the most frustrating roadblocks you encounter in the earliest stages of your site’s creation. Putting all the flowers in your garden into one single bouquet appears to be extremely hard, especially as the flowers are not fully grown yet.

When creating TheLimen.wordpress.com, I had to sit down and think: “What feelings do I want my bouquet to bring to the people who will receive it?”.

In the blog you are discovering or are about to discover, I am sharing insights I have acquired through my own experiences and the ones of other enthusiasts I’ve met along the way about how to turn an apparently ordinary and satisfying life into a dance – an enchanting dance to the rhythms of Success, Happiness and Love.

My favorite definition of the limen comes from the Oxford Dictionary: a threshold below which a stimulus is not perceived or is not distinguished from another.

Most of us go through our lives sub-limen, insensitive to the charms and vastness of this world. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told anything you’ve ever asked from life, all the if only’s, could’s and should’s you’ve ever formulated would become part of your reality within the next couple months, would you?

This is the pretentiousness I am confidently standing for with the blog you are on the verge of experiencing. It’s up to you to give up a bit of your trust to me and embark on the lush journey to the Limen, the threshold beyond which you will finally start “feeling” Life.

About The LimenThe photo credits go to George Pankewytch. Check out his Flickr portfolio here.

With Love.