My life has been shaped around the belief that mankind has been imprisoned in a social-conditioned reality. That which we call “reality” corresponds to a set of beliefs that limit what we can and cannot accomplish in a lifetime.

I’ve always believed that we, as humans, all have within us superpowers we are clueless about. And if I could give you even the smallest glimpse of what you are capable of achieving during your time on Earth, then my life would be complete.

This is what The Limen is about. It’s about allowing you to see beyond the binding reality that you’ve accepted as True. It’s about extending your abilities far beyond the bullshit stories that are playing repeatedly in your head, preventing you from getting exactly what you want and deserve out of life.

In the few pages you’re about to read, I’ll be sharing stories and nuggets that I’ve gathered, not only from the unique experiences I’ve been privileged to live, but also from people who share the same belief than I and who once decided to reinvent themselves in a reality they had designed rather than been molded into.

The wisdom you’re about to read has transformed my life, and I hope it drives you to challenge what you have accepted as real.